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Our Federation 


What is a Federation?

A federation is where two or more maintained schools come together under one governing body. The schools' individual governing bodies are disbanded and a new single over-arching governing body is formed. This becomes the accountable body for both schools and sets the strategic direction for the organisation. 

Thundridge joined with Tonwell St Mary's School to form a federation in April 2022. 

Our federation offers the best of both worlds: the wider curriculum opportunities for children, more broadly shared workload for staff and financial sustainability afforded by being part of a larger organisation without losing the special ‘family feel’ our smaller settings provide.

Our children regularly take part in shared sports events, trips and shared projects. Our staff benefit from shared training and visits to each other's schools. You can see some examples below:

Tonwell visited Thundridge School to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Our children sang beautifully in the shared collective worship and Y6 presented a timeline of Queen Elizabeth’s life very confidently. The sun shone for our shared picnic!

Our children join together for trips and activities. Junior children visited Woodhall Park for a nature and Forest School day. Children loved working with their friends from the other school! 



Useful documents:

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